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Shoe Repair

Known for our ability to fix any shoe problems, Village Cobbler is always ready to solve any shoe problem that may arise. Have a favorite pair of shoes you don't want to give up? Then bring them in.

Bag Repair

Does your clutch look less than clutch? Does your favorite bag have a broken zipper? Bring it in to Village Cobbler, where our specialty is saving and refurbishing any type of bag you may bring in.

Boot Repair

Whether your soles need help, or you want a simple cleaning, we offer all the types of services to make you feeling like your boots are brand new again.

Jacket Repair

We also offer these services for your jackets, and not just for your favorite shoes. We offer great workmanship and quality materials.

Dye Jobs

Want to change the color of your leather boots? Or if you want any other item dyed another color, we have the resources to make that happen.

Watch Repair

We also offer services to repair your watch. Bring it in so that we can repair cracks, offer re-sizing, or any other adjustments.